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The BookYard is a specialist parts supplier and repair center for Apple computers based in Liverpool in the UK.
We operate in a similar way to a scrap yard, only for Apple computers (originanally just laptops) i.e. iBooks, PowerBooks & MacBooks, hence the name The BookYard. We buy in old, dead and faulty computers, many of which would otherwise be worthless, and using our 15 years of Apple engineering experience we diagnose the fault , test all the parts then strip it down and salvage all working components, casings, screws, fittings etc. As a result we are able to offer a huge range of fully tested replacement service spares as well as a full repair service. Almost all the parts of each laptop are re-used and the rest are processed by material specific recycling companies, thus providing an environmentally friendly way to dispose of computers. Our supply network across the world also allows us to offer a wide range of new Apple parts and we pride ourselves on offering any part we can, no matter how small, to keep the cost of repairing your Mac viable.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a central source of information for big Apple updates, but also to clear up common misconceptions about different Mac ranges. We’d also like to provide how-to-guides to fill in gaps left by places like ifixit.com, who have very comprehensive photographic guides, but don’t often go into the detail that is necessary in some rare situations, such as the 2011 iMac hard drive problem mentioned in a previous post on this blog. I hope you find this helpful, and we would appreciate any comments and feedback you may have.

Do you have a technical questions you’d like an answer to related to our field of knowledge? fill in the details below and we’ll do what we can to help solve your problem. We may even write a blog post about it.


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