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What Has Happened to Apple’s Quality Control?

As one who has worked on nearly every Apple product produced, it must be said, I have been repeatedly disappointed in Apple’s ever degrading quality control. On the surface, Apple have made many improvements and advancements to their ranges. Their MacBook Pro … Continue reading

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Wall Mount Your iMac or Cinema Display

If you’ve ever bought an iMac, you’ve inevitably had the same thought as me at some point during its lifespan… ‘I wonder if it can be wall mounted’… Perhaps its out of sheer boredom, or perhaps its my manly instincts … Continue reading

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The Aluminium iMac ranges and their hard drives (2011 HD Problem Resolved)

The first generation of iMac was first released back in 1998. This machine, as odd as it may seem, was an innovation of its time. With its built in CRT display and colour synced bodies and accessories, it was a … Continue reading

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